Long Live The Snow Day!

Do you wan to build a snow man…or go to zoom school?

The availablity of remote learning threatens to eliminate one of the most sacred things of childhood…the snow day!

This week, 2020 decide to go out with a bang.

It’s been a while, but a heavy snowstorm hit the Northeast this week. One of the few bright spots of 2020 has been the fact that the winter months have been relatively mild weather-wise.

But, 2020 decide to be, well, all 2020 and throw us a blizzard as the year winds down.

I’m off of work, so I didn’t have to brave the elements, with the exception of shoveling. As I watched my nine year-old son play in the 12 inches of snow that accumulated over night, I wondered how in the hell I ever enjoyed being out in this shit.

Then it hit me, I enjoyed the snow because it meant a snow day from school. As a kid, I probably would have rather played in a dumpster than attend school, so spending a day freezing in frosty snow that can be used to build snow men, torment siblings, and create forts, rather than go to class was always a no-brainer.

In other words, the snow day was a surprise respite from the everyday grind. It offered a world of possibilities, until one day…poof…you hate it, and it’s freezing, and messy, and fucks up your commute to a job you can’t miss because you’re poor.

Taking a break from shoveling to warm up with a cup of coffee, I saw on the news that the snow day, like so many other things, has drawn some debate. Now that so many schools are able o use the internet for remote learning, there doesn’t need to be snow days. Some schools, like my son’s, have cancelled all learning, even virtual, on snow days.

Other districts, however, have done away with snow days, switching to a virtual learning plan when there is too much snow to make it to school. This makes one of the few times I’m glad I’m not an adolescent in this day and age.

I’m 42, and definitely in the “kids today have it easy” boat when it comes to lots of things. I mean, shit, I had one encyclopedia from 1976 that I used the entire time I was in school, while these whippersnappers have wikipedia at their fingertips. I’m all for kids having to tough it out sometimes, like we did.

Still, snow days are magical kids, and unless there are so many that it starts to extend the school year, I don’t see a problem giving them an extra day off every so often when it snow. They have their entire adulthood to hate the snow, to have to handle their responsibilities regardless of how treacherous the weather is. We don’t need to rush that.

Kids today grow up fast enough as it is, let’s let them enjoy what few magical moments it they have left. Let’s allow them to just keep their snow days.

Knicks rookies Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley have looked very promising so far this preseason.

Don’t look now, but the Knick may be onto something.

The NBA season begins next week, and for the first time in a while, I’m excited to see my New York Knicks play.

Yes, for the second time in two years, the Knicks missed out any of the big name free agents. However, also for the second time in two years, the team has made short term signings to maintain salary cap flexibility, drafted wisely, and, most importantly, not attempted a quick fix by trading for an aging veteran with a bad contract.

It’s shocking to see the this type of patience at the Garden, and while the Knicks are most likely not going to be a playoff team this year, they will have plenty of young players with upside that get to learn on the fly. That’s exciting in itself, but knowing that the team can remain relevant in free agency going forward as well, gives fans like me a light at the end of the tunnel…something we haven’t seen since the rumors of Carmelo Anthony wanting to come to the Big Apple.

Of course, this being the Knicks, there is always some cause for concern. The team’s coach, Tom Thibodeau, has a reputation of overworking his players and preferring to play veterans over young guys. I want to say that I’m sure he took the position knowing he was expected to play the youmgin’s, but like I said, this is the Knicks, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if “Thibs” was hired without even discussing the subject of giving the young players substantial playing time.

Another concern is that Giannis Antetokounmpo, a player the Knicks have been rumored to want to lure in free agency, just excepted a long-term extension with the Milwaukee Bucks. I never thought that the “Greek Freak” was going to come to the Garden, but I’m not sure that Knicks’ brass knew that, and I’m worried that this will now make the team panic to try and add a superstar via trade. That would be a disastrous move, especially after the were patient and didn’t overpay for guys like Chris Paul, Gordon Hayward, and Russell Westbrook.

There hasn’t been this much optimism in The Garden since the signing of Amare Stoudemire.

Of course, the ultimate wild card here, and the biggest worry of all Knicks fans, has to be the fact that the team is still owned by James Dolan. Sure, it seems like he is allowing the basketball people of the franchise to steer the team at the moment, but there’s always that chance he gets the itch to get overly involved, and destroys what is being built…much like he did after Donnie Walsh got the team headed in the right direction.

For now, at least, there’s a lot to like about what the Knicks are doing. So I guess I’ll try to enjoy it…while it lasts.

Quick Thoughts: My New York Mets officially signed catcher James McCann earlier this week. I like the move, and I’m just hoping that both the Mets and Knicks are not waiting until I fully believe they are being run properly after years of awfulness, before doing something stupid and crushing my dreams.

The Electoral College confirmed Joe Biden will be the next President, and while I’m glad evildoers like Mitch McConnell and Vladimir Putin have finally acknowledged Biden as the president-elect, Donald Trump has not. He’s barely been seen in public, and there was a report that he’s discussed possibly refusing to leave the White House in January. While I know Trump is truly capable of anything, I think even this is a stretch for him. While I never want to see America turned into more of a laughing stock than Trump has already made us, there is a part of me that kind of hopes he has to be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming to add a little salt to his wound.

That’s it for this week, kiddos. Check out my podcast The Lou Cappetta Show and keep reading. Stay safe, and have a terrific holiday season.

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